MSE Forum Rules

1. Obey the staff. If a moderator tells you to do something, do it. You’re welcome to take it up with them via private message if you disagree.

2. Do not backseat moderate. Unless you’re a moderator or administrator, do not take it upon yourself to enforce these rules. If you see something in violation of them which isn’t dealt with in good time, feel free to report it to a mod via private message. To this end, do not use bright red text in posts – this is used to denote mod announcements and edits.

3. Be respectful. Criticism is fine, but don’t be deliberately inflammatory, aggressive, or cruel. Discrimination, bigotry, or hate speech of any kind will also not be tolerated.

4. Do not abuse private messages. Don’t send excessive, unwanted private messages, and don’t do anything in PMs that wouldn’t be permitted on the forums.

5. Purchasing or selling anything through the forums is not allowed. Do not offer to exchange goods or services for currency, or vice versa, on the forums.

6. No pornography, obscenity, or overt NSFW content. Fantasy violence, swearing, and somewhat suggestive clothing are fine, but nudity (even artistic nudity), explicit sexual content, and graphic gore are all out. If you’d get fired for having it on your screen at work, don’t post it here.

7. Credit your artists. All card renders require artist credit in the appropriate space (on most Magic cards, this is in the collector’s information section below the text box). Art posted outside the context of a render should also be credited. If you're using an AI to generate your art, it's recommended that you add the AI you used in the credit field. Here is our official primer on how to source and credit the art you use.

8. Credit your sources. We encourage a spirit of collaboration and sharing, but, if you’re using a card, mechanic, character, setting, or other creative work originally created by another user, we request that you ask permission and give credit appropriately. In some instances, multiple people will have the same idea independently, but please be reasonable about this. Attempting to pass off another user’s work as your own without permission or credit is plagiarism, and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

9. Do not use MSE for counterfeiting. Renders designed to be exact or near-exact copies of existing, canonical cards are not permitted. You are permitted to create alters or reprints of real cards, but they should have at least one of the following: different art, different flavor text, or an obviously non-canon card frame. Differences in set symbol or collector information alone are not clear enough.

10. Do not portray a custom card as real. Even if you’re making an authentic spoiler in the style of Wizards of the Coast, it should be made clear that the cards in question are custom.

Accumulating three warnings for breaking site rules will result in an account suspension, regardless of the severity.