MSE Downloads

Mainframe Magic Set Editor 2.0.1

This will download Magic Set Editor v2.0.1 with cajun's Mainframe template collection, including all templates that have been printed in the modern frame. If you don't know which file to download, choose this one.

Basic Magic Set Editor 2.0.1

(Mediafire mirror)

This will download Magic Set Editor v2.0.1 with the basic template selection. The templates included are:

  • • M15 Style
  • • M15 Clear
  • • M15 Doublefaced
  • • M15 Planeswalkers
  • • M15 Split
  • • M15 Fuse
  • • M15 Vehicles
  • • M15 Textless Land
  • • M15 Tokens
  • • M15 Emblems
  • • Custom Counters

Advanced Magic Set Editor 2.0.1

(Mediafire mirror)

Warning: This file download is relatively large (~600 MB).

So you want to play with all the templates you can get your hands on? Perfect! The advanced download of MSE will provide you with more templates than you can possibly handle, including uncommonly used WotC templates (Gods, expeditions, sparkers, etc), custom-made community templates (snow spells, clear top, m15 levelers, etc), templates for other games, and much, much more. Also includes Cajun's mainframe update.

Additional Templates

Looking for a template that didn't come with your download? Check here first.

Magic Set Editor 2.0.0

If you're encountering stability issues with build 2.0.1, it's recommended that you try using version 2.0.0, the last stable build of MSE.